Friday, December 16, 2011

Long Distance Relationship

I'm sure you all know what "Long Distance Relationship" or LDR means right? This LDR thing really sucks! Believe me . I've been into this kind of relationship twice. The first one failed and the second still painting the town red. o.0 We had been apart for almost two years and its her first time to get into this kind of relationship but were still surviving it. Its just a matter  of Love, Care, Trust, Understanding, Patience and a big time and none stop Communication. I'm not saying that we don't get into some fights or arguments but at least we always try to fix everything and move forward. I still have a lot of things to learn in this kind kind of relationship but i can tell you some of the things we do conquer this fck up situation.

Chat, Chat and a lot of Chat    
Having only five hours of time difference, and we are only working eight hours a day, we have plenty of time to go online and open YAHOO and SKYPE MESSENGERS (recommended softwares) Aside from the fact that most their services are free like chatting and video calling, we can talk for hours without thinking our conversation might stop because of insufficient balance. We talk about what did we do the whole day, reminisce the past when we were still together. We also discuss our future plans so we have something to look forward too. If you cant go online frequently, just try to set a date where you can both open a computer, go online and chat or talk. The fact that you can see each other while talking to your partner really help to survive this battle. o.0

Sign up for a social networking account
This is the Social Networking Era. It will only take you 5 to 10 minutes to create your own social networking account. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the most popular social networking websites today. If you both already have an account on either one of the three, make advantage of its free service to show some sugar. Post, Comment, Like and +1 your partner's post. Put your love one in your relationship status and show your friends how proud and how you love  your partner.  You can also mention him or her in your tweets and show everyone that your the sweetest man alive o.0 These are just few examples of what you can do if you have a social networking account. Eventually, you will discover  a lot of things you can do to help you ease the pain of long distance relationship using this social networking sites as a bridge.

Tell your partner where you are
It doesn't hurt to text or call your honey where are you going. For example, your going to the mall, friend's house, to a park or even to a stripe club :p Tell him or her "Baby I'm going to a stripe bar with my buddy John. Don"t worry its just three blocks away from our flat and you will always be the sexiest girl to me" I find it sweet and thoughtful knowing that your partner still inform you wherever he or she go even if your thousand miles away.

Show 'em your made of sugar
Tell your partner you miss him, that you love her and distance will not change anything. Tell him you will wait for him no matter what happen and that he can trust you. You can tell all your sweet messages personally when your talking to him through your computer or mobile. You can also make a video and tell all of this stuffs in front of a camera then email it or upload it through Youtube or facebook. If you're not good at words, there are of lot websites that has sweet messages and quotations . Just ask your friendly friend GOOGLE.

Watch movies together
Yes you can do this. Ask your partner to watch a particular movie tonight before she sleep because you will be watching it too. You can watch online through Movie2k or any online movie streaming sites, you can also download it or just go out and watch it at the movie house. Its really fun to talk about the movie after you both already watch it. 

Do the basic
Call or text your honey. Its the most common way to communicate to her. You know the drill.

Other things you can do:
  • Never forget the date of her birthday, your monthsary or anniversary.
  • Try to greet him or her good morning and tell i love you every morning.
  • Find a way to send her a flowers or chocolates.
  • Pay her a visit if you have the time and of course the  funds $$$
Long Distance Relationship is really hard. But if you both put your hearts together and help each other you will surely survive this kind of situation. Just be Understanding, add extra Patience, Respect, Trust and Love each other. Good Luck!! o.0

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