Sunday, February 19, 2012

My 2012 Desktop

I love customizing may Windows desktop. Thanks for the super cool and free Visual Styles, Rainmeter, wallpapers and icons at deviantART i can customize my desktop to death! :) The coming release of the Windows 8 really excites me so I decided to customize my desktop like the new Windows 8 Metro Style User Interface.

For this desktop screen, I used the Glossy Standard Icons by snipes and put it in my Rocket Dock app. I love the glossy effects of the icons. It really comes with the squared panels of my Rainmeter.

I have a lot of icons in my desktop. Who doesn’t love the convenient of just double clicking the icons of the programs or files in your desktop if want to use them. So I used RocketDock with the RocketDock StackDocklet. It’s like putting your programs or files shortcuts in a folder.

The Metro Style will not be possible without the Omnimo Rainmeter Skin by Fedia Fedia and Xyfro. This skin has a lot of awesome panels and text items to choose from system monitoring gadgets to internet feeds. A lot of people love Omnimo no wonder its been the most popular Rainmeter Skin at deviantART.

This Rainmeter is an AddOn skin from bblake. With this skin, i can read the 10 most recent posts from my News Feed and Wall including status updates, photos, checkins, links, and videos. I can even comment and like my friend's post, view my messages, notifications and friend requests without opening any of my internet browsers.

For the Metro Theme i used Visual Static by snipes, Explorer Frame from Elune (Elune is the most popular VS at deviantART) and Office Start Orb by leepat0302.

Kudos to all the the artist who shared their arts at dA!