Wednesday, May 25, 2016


He was lonely, alone, miserable and sad. Cut off from the world and his instinct tells him to run home. But he is away from home and don’t even know  what home is anymore. The man tries hard to laugh and mingle around, but the world is still incomplete. Days passed very slow. Everyday is the same. Everyday is empty.

“ Nobody really knows him. They only know his cover. But he wish he could let it free. Let them know what's under. “
It was his second year away from home. “This day will be normal as what is should to be.” he whispered while entering the strident classroom full of students giggling and chatting.
A young girl entered the room. It caught his attention. Butterflies on his stomach. The girl is short, hair is long and slanted eyes. Those eyes made his day. Though they are small, it lights up the room. His world. The guy can’t approach him. He’s shy and afraid. It’s impossible to talk to her and it’s futile to be her friend.
“ The first time he saw you, his heart whispered: "That's the one.
 But God made a way. He let him to be his friend. They talked, hang out and shared secrets. Moments past and he fall in love with the girl. They knew that there’s something special between them but no one admitted their feelings. Hence, the girl is afraid falling to a friend. Both of them are even committed with someone else. Both of them are trapped in a relationship that’s not working.
The guy don’t believe in “Destiny” but believes in “Chance”. He never imagine that one day the girl will break up with his man. Knowing about it, he broke up with his girl too sacrificing his relationship for the girl he truly  loves.

He didn't mean to fall in love but you made it so easy.
 They became lovers. Just like that. Days, months, and years they shared and experience lot of things together. Being with her completed his empty world. Everyday is not a sad song anymore. .
She’s beautiful  like a sunset reflected in still water.
He loves how she move, her effortless grace. She love how  she walk, her rhythm and sway.
He turns him on.  It’s undeniable. It’s chemical. It’s electric.
Like no one else can, she awaken the man in him.
He was amazed with the kindness this girl has.
He loves everything about her. Her silliness and playfulness, how easily they  can laugh at themselves and at life.
He loves her jealousy and insecurity. He loves the (sometimes painful) honesty. He loves her willingness to face her fears and grow. Her courage, her strength.
He loves sharing his life with her. The triumphs and the failures, the laughter and the painful silence.

“Thank you for this wonderful gift Father”  the guy muttered with grace.
It all comes down to who is by your side and who is willing to stand up for love even when it seems impossible
 But relationship is not always rainbows and unicorns. They're together almost half of their lives. They've been through a lot. LOVE, CARE, BELIEVING and with the HELP from GOD, their family and friends, they beat everything.
Non sense fights
Being late on a date (She’s always late)
Debating what movie to watch or food to eat
Forgetting about monthsary messages
Being insensitive
Lack of communication
Long distance relationship
“Fuck you! Name it. Been there, done that!”
Hand in hand they survived everything that came between them.
“Mistakes are proof that you are trying.. “
The guy become too cocky. He took the girl for granted most of the time. He became busy, distant, self-absorbed to make time for her.
“Complete imbecile and a fucking jerk!”
 Never did he expect, the girl got tired. Tired of waiting, forgiving and hoping the guy will change. She misses the day when they're so in love and effort is undying. Everyday became a struggle.

"Thank you for everything. Take care of yourself. God bless" She uttered.

They talked and bid goodbyes. No one ask for a chance. A chance to work it out.  It ended real quick. Never considering all the happiness and sadness. All the years they spent together.
She suddenly became a stranger..
“It's not the GOODBYE that hurts, but the FLASHBACKS that follow. “
 “Is it really the end for us? After all we had?”
“Do I really need to start my life again and start a new one without her?”
The guy asks himself realizing all the pain and bitterness the girl felt.
“I won’t let it go. I won’t let go the girl who thought me how to look at the glass as half full when I am certain it is half empty. The girl who took care of me when I’m sick and drunk. The girl who made me feel wanted and special. She is my rock. She reads me better than I read myself. She lifts me up when I am down and grounds me when my head is in the clouds. She accepted my everything. She is my everything..“

“I wont surrender. I will win her back. I promise..”

The guy cried in agony.

Image from DevianArt